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Elite Season 4 Updates – Bring back the old Characters?

Elite is a Spanish crime thriller teen drama streaming on Netflix. So three seasons of this show has been aired, the last one was released on 13th of March 2020.

Making it a surprise, unlike the last two seasons, season three didn’t end up in a cliffhanger and gives quite a happy ending.

But according to the storyline, and there haven’t been any updates from the creators, the show will proceed further with a set of new Characters along with the bunch of old ones.

So let’s see what are the chances of them bringing back the old Characters into the show.

Elite: Plot and Storyline

So Elite begins with the story of Three students from the working class who get a chance to study through a scholarship in one of the most elite schools of the state.

A studious Nadia, Samuel, and Christian who finds it hard to cope up with the wealthy upper-class students of the school.

The first season is about the murder of a student, Marina. This forms the plot of the show and three seasons were made on the incidents and leads revolving this.

It discusses Homosexual and Bisexual relationships, Economic Disparities, Drugs, etc.

The second season is all about the disappearance of Samuel and later the third season talks about Polo’s Murder.

The show basically develops the plot very well and winds up things really well in the climax.

Same with the Characters as they are really solid and strong, even newly introduced Characters like Cayetana, Rebecca, Valerio have been given an equally important role in the show.

Where are the Characters now and will there be a comeback?

The end of season 3 covered the end of the school year too, as most of them get graduated and are in their own ways.

Guzman and Samuel who were expelled from the school for troubling Polo got one more year to complete and at the same time, Rebecca who ended up with a similar fate for dealing with drugs in school along with Ander is shown back in the school for another year.

Cayetana leaves the scholarship and takes the job as a janitor, like her mother in the school.

So these old Characters will have an important role to play in the upcoming season while Nadia and Lucretia already left for the USA and Valerio and Carla are looking after their Vineries.

This time Christian, who met with an accident may make a comeback in the fourth season.

Samuel’s brother Fernando also may return to the city as Polo is dead and he has already committed it to his parents.

Samuel is torn between Carla and Rebecca, Ander and Omar once again make it a happy ending.

So thus, Elite is so far perfectly balanced and a bunch of new characters may fuel up the story forward.

Season four is expected to be on the screens next year and there have not been any official announcements yet.


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