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All you want to know about God of war 5, Character of Kratos, Plots of season 5 and so on

God of war 5 

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio and David Jaffe present God of war. God of war is an action adventures game. The story started in the year 2005 on PlayStation. God of war is a PlayStation series which works as archetypal.

God of war is based on the ancient greek mythology and move to Norse mythology. This game became a big hit for the sony’s Santa Monica studio.

god of war 5

God of war games 

The God of war is a flagship title for the PlayStation brand. The God of war consists around eight games for the across the platform. The main character of God of war is Ares, who is known as the God of war. The God of war is a son of Zeus and Hera and also a part of the twelve Olympians.

As the story of God of war four will continue in the upcoming season god of war five so let’s discuss a little about the previous season and God of war ps4. As the last God of war season of war 2018 which has launched with the eight instalments. The God of war ps4 has also based on the III season od god of war.

In the God of war ps4, the play station provided the unusual weapons for the players. These weapons are the most powerful weapons into the game. You can check other things and weapons-related to the God of war on war games exclusive.

god of war 5

Here is the list of the God of war ps4 weapons :

  • 3 Mjolnir.
  • Plates of Chaos.
  • axe of leviathan
  • Valkyrie wings
  • Matter Helson’s club
  • Cyclonic blade
  • Talon bow which has considered as the most favourable weapon of Atreus.
  • Travellers’ Broadsword.god of war 5

God of war Kratos 

Kratos is known as one of the critical characters of God of war games as he plays the role of villain he appears in his role in every season of God of war till 2018. Kratos is a little bit arrogant and usually appears in the role of doing something violating towards the other characters. He is a Spartan warrior or also known as “Ghost of Sparta” as he accidentally killed his family in the tricks which are played by the Acres. As Kratos is a son of Zeus later, he became the God of war.

Kratos even fight with thors in the God of war II season.

Becoming a god Kratos got a lot of power because of the personified spirit along with he gets courage, capacity. Kratos has become the demigod. In the season of God of war 2018 will bring a new sun into the Kratos life when his second wife is no more alive. Kratos has a son named Atreus.

Even there was a question which was left by the God of war season 3 that Kratos is dead, but nothing like that Kratos is still in the game. People usually like the charter of Kratos as in the earlier season Kratos plays a good character in which is the hating God. The reason behind the hate was a sensible reason for Kratos. Although the time passes the charter of Kratos has become bad along with he became the killer of all the greek gods, but he didn’t kill Aphrodite.

The character of Kratos is much essential for the God of wars as it is the icon of the video game of God of war. If you want to know more about the character of Kratos you may check the God of the previous battle season and can play this awesome fighting adventures game on PlayStation.

god of war 5

The gameplay of God of war 5 

The season 5 would be base on the Norse mythology. The season 4 did not end in the previous season so the storyline will continue from the last season but this season would be more interesting than the past as it will come with the fully loaded thriller sense.

The game will continue from the last episode of God of war 4. Season 5 of the God of war has come again with the new villain Freya. Ragnarok would be the centre of the event in which the story of the arc will move around. The God of war is also known as one of the oldest game series, which is a play by the people with more interest. The Play station lovers are waiting for the release of God of war 5 with more desperately.

god of war 5


Releasing date of God of war 5

The game lovers are waiting for the releasing date of God of war 5. As the God of war 4 has released in the year 2018. So the God of war lovers is waiting for the season 5 so desperately. As per the rumours, we can estimate the releasing date of God of war 5 in the year 2021 along with the game of war 5 would be released on the play station five or in all likelihood on a play station 5 pros.

god of war 5

God of war five trailer and updates

The wait of the audience is not finished yet, As the creators don’t release any trailer of God of war five yet. But still, there is a treasure on youtube related to the god of 5 which was launched in the year 2019. Although we don’t need to wait for a longer time. The creators will launch it for the audience soon. Stay tuned with us for the God of war new games+ updates and many more. 



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