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Kung Fu Panda 4: Plot , Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

One of the most successful Animated Franchises having millions of fans worldwide, Kung Fu Panda is all set to drop another part of the franchise, which will be the fourth movie.

Expectations are sky-high as all the movies of the franchise were both a commercial and content-wise success.

So the fourth film of the franchise must not lose its quality of content which is loved by the audience all over the world.

So what will be the plot of the Kung Fu Panda 4 movie and when will it be released on screens? Let’s find out.

Kung Fu Panda: The Franchise overview

Like said, one of the most successful Animated movie franchises in the world, Kung Fu Panda is created by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris.

The franchise was not just limited to movies, as it has its own range of video games, three short films, a play, and 2 television shows.

The first movie of the franchise was released back in 2008, the second one after three years, in 2011 and the third and latest film of the franchise in 2016.

Well other than just films, Kung Fu Panda has a successful TV show, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of awesomeness which was aired on Nickelodeon back in 2011. It was released in 3 seasons, 80 episodes overall.

A second series was released exclusively on Amazon prime, in 2018 which was named Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny. It was of a single season so far with 26 episodes.

A number of video games were also released and a live play under the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

Kung Fu Panda: Plot overview and Cast

The story of Kung Fu Panda is set in ancient China, a world of humanoid animals, a martial art humor drama with a lot of adventures.

The lead role in the story played by Po Ping, a fat panda, who is a dragon warrior according to a prophecy.

The rest of the story focuses on his journey to become the strongest dragon warrior, training under Master Shifu to fight evil.

With a bunch of friends, Po Ping and his adventures received a lot of positive responses from critics and audiences all around the world.

Jack Black gives voiceover to Po Ping, Dustin Hoffman for Master Shifu, Jackie Chan for the Monkey, Angelina Jolie for the Tigress and Lucy Liu for Viper.


Kung Fu Panda 4: What to expect in the Plot

Kung Fu Panda 3 is all about the family reunion of Po Ping and his rival Kai. So the fourth film of the franchise may focus on the greatest fight between Po Ping and Kai.

It has been four years since the last movie release, so, even though there hasn’t been any official announcement about the fourth part, we can expect it around the end of 2020 or in 2021. The same cast will join once again for the fourth movie of the franchise.

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