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Money Heist: Story Behind the Popularity and What can we expect in Season 4

Money Heist, originally La Casa De Papel is a Spanish web series streaming on Netflix.

Right after season 3, the popularity and fanbase of Money Heist reached another level.

The most anticipated season 4 of the series is going to be released on Netflix on the 3rd of April.

So what’s the story behind the extreme popularity of Netflix and it’s quite a good fan base and what can we expect in the upcoming season of Money Heist.

Money Heist: Plot and Storyline so far

Money Heist is all about a bunch of robbers, extremely skilled who try to loot the royal mint of Spain, the whole heist planned by the mastermind, The Professor.

Eight robbers, named after different cities, possess unique skill sets, Tokyo, Moscow, Helsinki, Denver, Nairobi, Berlin, Rio, and Oslo.

The plot revolves around how they loot the Royal Mint of Spain when the whole world is watching and making their escape.

The Professor, played by Alvaro Morte, is the lead character and the brain behind the heist.

The first 2 seasons cover the story of the greatest loot in the history of Spain, while the third season which takes place after five long years.


Reasons Behind the Popularity of Money Heist


  • Perfect Casting

There can’t be even a minor fault with the casting as the characters are very solid and strong going perfectly with the script.

They make you like them, hate them and that is called some solid performance put up by all the cast on the screen.

  • Script and Direction

A series like this really needs a strong script and pretty good direction, as it involves a lot of thrillers, suspense and mind-blowing moments.

The direction and script have been very much successful in making the show an edge of the seat thriller.

The thriller element in the show is just outstanding and stays beyond our guesses.

Background Score and Costume

According to most of the Money Heist fans, the popular opinion is that all of them just loved the climax of the second season where they make an escape from the Royal Mint.

The Bella Ciao song gained a lot of popularity, which is sung in Spanish after the climax scene of the second season.

The costume used by the robbers also deserves a mention. It became the highlight of the show, the mask and the red costume they wore.

  • The Cliffhanger

Yes, season 3 left all the fans around the world in a cliffhanger where Raquel Murillo gets arrested and Professor declares war against the government.

Nairobi gets shot and the army is all set to enter the bank building while the security cuts themselves loose and all set to create havoc.

  1. The fourth season will be having eight episodes and the names are already released by the creators. It seems the show isn’t going to reach an end as the final episode drops a hint that the gang is planning a robbery in Paris.


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