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Most awaited Joker 2 is coming again what’s going to be its plots, trailer, releasing date and many more and so on

Joker 2 Movie

Joker 2

Joker 2

Joker has become a big hit towards the box office. Joker 2 is a psychological thriller movie which is launched by America for the whole of the world. The storyline is base on the DC comics. The darkness of a comedian’s life, which converts to insanity, is the movie genre. The feeling of being eternity alone in the crowd and the failure into his carrier is the main topic of this film. The story has based on two faces of a person. This film earned a lot with a low budget. It became a big hit and also led to promotion to be honor with an award to his lead character, Joaquin, for his outstanding acting in the villain’s negative role. That left the fantastic spark the audience with his acting.

The cast of Joker 2

Todd Phillips will direct and write the script of Joker season 2.

Joaquin Phoenix, in the character of Arthur Fleck, or you can say the main character of the show who plays the role of the joker.
• Marc Maron as in the part of Ted Marco
• The role of Murray Franklin is represented by the actor Robert De Niro
• Alec Baldwin will also play their position in the movie.
• Shea Whigham
• Zazie Beetz in the part of Sophie Dumond
• Brett Cullen as in the character of Thomas Wayne
• Dante Pereira Olson in the role of Young Bruce Wayne.

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The plot of The Joker 2

Joker 2

Joker 2

The movie’s plot is based on the life of a failed comedian who becomes joker or plays the role of the villain—Warner Bros and working to make this series hit as the previous one. According to the rumors, this season is going to be more adventures and thrillers from the old one. As in this Joker 2 season, the main character, Arthur, will play the role of insane, and he will become the Gotham city villain’s leader.

In the recent statement of Phillip’s, he said that “Many movies are on a spark, but this one is on gunpowder.”

Releasing date of Joker 2

The previous season of joker became a big hit and gathered a lot of love from the audience as it is officially declared by the production house that they are going to launch another season as Joker 2. The production house has started his shooting with the cast.
The flim can be launched soon by the production house for the fans, but as we all know, this pandemic coronavirus is hitting everything, so the production house can’t launch this movie in the current year.
But as per the rumors, the movie Joker 2 can be released in the upcoming year 2021 or 2022.

Trailer and Update on Joker 2

The audience has to keep their eye onto the following updates of the joker 2
The production house has not yet launched the trailer for the desperately waiting audience.
So, stay tuned with us for the other updates about the upcoming blockbuster movie the Joker 2.

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