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The 100 Season 7 Release Date

( A Jouney you are Missing out on! )

As intriguing as sci-fi movies can be, this particular series would really take your desires onto a new level! Starting from 2014, ‘The 100’ is a staple for most viewers seeking indulging apocalyptic action drama. Till now 6 seasons of this drama series has aired on CW and renewd The 100 Season 7 on April 2019! Season 7 of The 100 would start premiering on 20th May, 2020 consisting of 16 episodes! Moreover, the first 5 seasons are also available on Netflix! This series is rated 7.7/10 by IMDB which makes it even more watchable!

The Cast of ‘The 100’.
The casting of this drama really played a great impact on the total concept of The 100! The acting is layered and as real as it could ever be!

The main cast of ‘The Hundred’ includes Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake and Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake. The acting really gets its depth due to the casting of Alicia Debnam-Carey, Lindsey Morgan, Lola Flanery, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Zach McGowan and many others!

As the population of the Ark is increasing, 100 Juvenil Delinquents are sent to to the Earth to examine whether it is yet habitable or not! Among the hundred teens, Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake are chosen to lead their team among the hostility they faced on Earth.
Upon their surprise, they found a few group of people who survived the appocalypse. The 3 groups were namely The Grounders, The reapers and The Mountain Men.
After a lot of struggles, only 48 of the 100 were remaining and captured by The Mountain Men in the 2nd season. The Mountain Mens were not highly immune to the radiation like the Grounders. So they were trying to create a cure, more like a vaccine to create immunity against the high radiations using The Grounders Blood. And on top of that, the blood of the hundred juveniles showed higher potential than that of the Grounders as an anti-radiation cure! Thus, different other groups from the Ark formed alliance with The Grounders to rescue the lives from The Mountain Mens.

The 3rd Season of `The 100’ is jampacked with action as the fragile relation of the Ark called ‘Arkadia` and The Grounders turn into a war. Also, A.L.I.E. – Artificially Intelligent Robot designated for Human Life betterment before the Nuclear War is revealed to be the mastermind of this apocalypse! At the climax of season 3, Clarke manages to destroy A.L.I.E.
In the 4th season, the Earth is deemed to face even severe daamage as the nuclear reactors are melting after almost a century worth negligence! This may make 96% of the world territory completely unihabitable. Thus, Clarke and his team manages to find a clan of the Grounders, The Nightbloods, highly adaptive to metabolise the reaction! So, they start to replicate the formula but at the end fail. Now, to survive, they discover a Bunker with a holding capacity of 1200 that may last 5 years. The 12 clans inhabiting choose 100 people each and a group of the 100 returns to the Ark. But Clarke is mutated to be a Nightblood and remains on Earth alone among the 100

5th season also doesn’t fall any short of adventure and thrill! As after 6 years o the meltdown, only few among the 1200 on earth survived. Also, a prisoner carrying ship comes to the only Green Spot left on Earth and find 2 Nightbloods, Clarke and Madi, an the survived. Now, a new adapting clan called Wonkru is their competiton for survival and their battle results in the destruction of the Shallow Valley. Thus, the survivors were forced to get into cryosleep till the recovery of their planet!

The most recent season 6 is after 125 years of their cryosleep and waking up to find theirselves inhabiting in a newly discovered planet called The Alpha or Sanctum. Not only a new life but also new dangers await them in this place. The Primes are the rulling people here along with an unknown horde of rebels called The Children of GabrielNow, the appearance of Diyazo and stabbing of Octavia really leaves us in an uncertainity about the Season Finale of The 100! What is the Plot of `The 100’ Season 7?

The fans, including me, are surely in a frenzy imagining the final season of ‘The 100`! Season 7 would surely follow the mysterious ending of season 6! We can speculate a lot of modifications throughout the new planet following the brutal stabbing of Octavia and would highly concentrate on The Anomaly, given that Hope is now an Adult! Also reappearance of Sheideda is also highly likely!

Why to watch ‘The 100’?
There is no reason why not to watch this amazing series! The story is really based on a very hot topic, Nuclear War, and shows what consequences the humanity might face! The series clearly depicts the possibility of the earth when humanity is ceised to exist. As a curious species, we always like to explore what our futures might be like as all the Zombie and apocalypse movies are top of the market! And The 100 is just the Perfect series to quench our thirst.
On top of that, the imagination come to life setup and performance is mindblowing! The charecters are furnished and realistic and strong women role is visible throughout the whole series specially through Clarke!
The Plot is extremely precise and the consequences of every decision is made rationally and with inherent indecisiveness of human. This helps the viewers to connect more closely to the story!

The fans are really looking forward to a Happy Ending of this thrilling drama series and the team really is keeping us on verge by giving us cold responses. Lets see what awaits us this May!

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