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Netflix’s The Order Season 2 : What to Expect and Release Date

To be honest, movies and shows belonging to the supernatural, horror, fantasy genre are not at all a new thing for the audience but a great content and story under this genre could end up creating wonders.

The same thing happened when season one of The Order was released on Netflix a year ago.

The Order with just a single season became a part in the list of the best supernatural horror shows on Netflix within no time.

After a very successful first season, when will the second season of The Order is going to be aired on Netflix? What to expect in the second season and what all changes could happen in the show?

The Order : Plot and Storyline

The Order on Netflix is a US Show, falling under the supernatural horror fantasy genre. It is directed by Dennis Heaton and the first season of The Order dropped on Netflix in March of 2019.

The story revolves around our protagonist, Jack Morton who gets an admission at The Famous Belgrave University.

He becomes part of a magical society at Belgrave University, known as the Hermetic Order of The Blue Rose.

It’s quite an adventurous journey for him where a lot of horrific adventures are waiting for Jack, as he starts learning about the war going on between Werewolves and the Dark magic practitioners.

He learns about many dark secrets surrounding his family Along with a deadly monster, who has been freed should be controlled by The Order before it could do any further damage.

The Order: Main Cast

Jake Manley plays the role of Jack Morton, protagonist of the show, who is in pursuit of unveiling a lot of secrets about his family.

Matt Frewer is playing Pete Morton, the Grandfather of Jack. Max Martini is playing Edward Coventry, The Grand Magus of the Hermetic Order of The Blue Rose and also Jack’s father. Alyssa Drake, Jack’s love interest is played by Sarah Grey.


The Order: Release and Reception

The first season of The Order was released on the 7th of March 2019, with 10 episodes. The series received a 7.5 rating and mostly positive responses from the audience.

More than 12 Million views were recorded for the show on Netflix and it’s a huge number for the show with just one season.

The Order: Second Season Release Date and What to Expect?

Sadly there hasn’t been any official update on the release of season two of The Order from the makers.

Right after getting highly positive responses, Netflix announced a season two, which will be released at the same time, next year.

Since there aren’t any official updates, we could expect season two to drop sometime around the late 2020s.

Season two of The Order will take back the show and continue the story it left off in season one.

It will bring all the central characters back into the story without scrambling the perfect storyline of The Order.

Final Words

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